Membership ONLY FAQs

Question: When will I have access to the store.

Answer: Since this is our first drop, it will take a few days to get your store setup! Please give us at least 7 days from the date that you purchased. However in the future we will have stores accessible much sooner, preferably within 24 hours. Your patience will make this a more streamlined approach! We appreciate you for it!

Question: How many orders can I place using my membership?

Answer: Only one order can be placed per member, per drop.

Question: Will memberships be monthly or yearly? If yearly option, will there be a discount or etc.?

Answer: Yearly and bi-annual. There is an initial fee (“joining fee”) due annually. The tiers are set price-wise according to the benefits that are included. The prices are discounted as much as possible; However, we may initiate future contests and perks that provide free memberships and/or discounts.


Question: Will I have to wait until a drop to purchase a membership?

Answer: Since the memberships are being launched with the website, the first purchase for memberships will be through that specific date. After the launch, memberships will be available 24/7.


Question: When purchasing a membership, will I be able to shop immediately?

Answer: Ultimately, that depends on when one purchases a membership. The first round will take at least 3 weeks before we can open the store. Once the store is open, we will complete our first drop. The dates will be listed in your membership accounts when the next drop will occur.


Question: When one purchases a membership, how long is it good for? Do we have to renew the memberships?

Answer: Memberships are renewed every 6 to 12 months depending on which membership is purchased. Memberships are valid up to 6 or 12 months from the date of purchase.


Question: Regardless of one’s membership status, can I purchase from the store?

Answer: Yes! There is free reign in the store.


Question: How often can you switch membership tiers?

Answer: Anytime. Consequently, there will be no refunds for a previously purchased tier. I recommend to review all the tiers and find the one suited best to your specific wants and needs before purchasing.


Question: How long do you have to wait in between orders?

Answer: The goal is always 30 days between the placement of orders and to have those orders shipped. The store brings more potential and space to shorten that time frame, drastically.


Question: Can I order & pick up in store? If I pick up in store, is it still a 30-day wait?

Answer: Yes, but only if you place an order online! There can be an option to view if the contents of your cart are in stock and we will pull it aside for pick up. The contents will be held until the remainder of the business day provided from the customer.


Question: Will there be an update on previous winners of the grant?

Answer: Great question! We will be receiving more information of the winners soon!


Question: What happens when we buy a membership, but do not need anything for one of the months?

Answer: You will simply not shop that month. That month will not “rollover” into the next month. The purpose of the tiers is to cater to the needs of the customer fluctuating with how much or little customers/members need our products.


Question: Will international customers be able to have a membership?

Answer: Not at this time.. It is recommended that you purchase a membership. Since you're shipping is free with us, you would be only responsible for it being shipped to you. Have a family or friend receive and ship your order. 

Question: Will there be an option to pick up online orders from the store now?

Answer: Yes! There will be an option you can choose. An email will be sent when the customer is ready for pickup. After 7 days if the order has not been picked up, it will be mailed to the address on file.


Question: Will items from The Purple Bubble Bath be available every day or at certain times?

Answer: Yes, once we finally open.


Question: Will products we make at home be sent to you for feedback?

Answer: Yes. However, there will be terms and conditions for sending products for evaluation!



Question: How does the membership affect Blissful bath and T&B?

Answer: Blissful Bath products will be available as regular products.


Question: Where are you all located?

Answer: We are located in Hattiesburg, MS.


Question: Is this a yearly membership where we’ll renew every year?

Answer: Yes. Your membership is due every year. Specifically, one year from the date of purchase.


Question: What is the small business grant fund about? Who is eligible?

Answer: This particular grant fund is one that people can donate to and we give these grants to other small businesses. We match the amount in dollars and award annually. The grant is named after my son, because he was the sole reason why I started a business. Any business is eligible, but requirements will change once we have a board in place.


Question: Will there be any extra/ benefits for former elites?

Answer: No. We did not keep a list of previous "ELITE" members. 


Question: If we skip a month (after membership is purchased) is there a penalty?

Answer: No, you simply missed the drop for that month.


Question: Will there be an option for 6 month or 12 month memberships?

Answer: Both. The website will display which is which.


Question: Do memberships renew automatically?

Answer: Yes, you can have your membership set to renew automatically. You will be notified once it gets closer to the time of renewal if you choose to manually renew. If you do not renew a week within the expiration date, your account will be suspended.


Question: Is there a way we can preset what we want and have it automatically shipped monthly?

Answer: That is the plan! We are currently setting that up!


Question: What is the difference between membership and the tier program?

Answer: It’s the same thing. There is no difference.


Question: For international members, custom fees aren’t covered, but is shipping still included?

Answer: No.



Question: Is there an expiration date on the points? Will there be a points guide?

Answer: Points will expire (if not used) before the end of your membership. They will not rollover or recover. You must use your points or forfeit them.


Question: Does the membership fee just allow us to buy products?

Answer: The membership gives you access to our products, loyalty program, and depending on your membership tier free/unreleased products.


Question: What are the membership fees actually covering?

Answer: The cost to create your welcome kit and around 1/3 of what it actually costs to ship your products.


Question: So, basically we have to purchase a membership in order to buy your products?

Answer: Yes.


Question: Does free shipping come with all the membership tiers of just the elite?

Answer: The details of what is available in each tier is listed under each membership.

Question: Do you need a membership if you only plan to shop in the store?

Answer: No, however, keep in mind that products will not always be in stock in the store. The only way to guarantee you get what you want is by purchasing a membership.

Question: Is there a specific reason you chose to do a membership system?

Answer: Several actually. The cost to make natural products has become expensive. In order to maintain the integrity of my products, I had to find a way to keep it affordable, satisfy the masses and still make a profit. This was it! This gives rewards to the serious customers who have been loyal, as well as, helping people to stop missing the drops.