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Persnickety Facial Skincare-LAST TIME AVAILABLE! STOCK UP NOW!

Persnickety Facial Skincare-LAST TIME AVAILABLE! STOCK UP NOW!

PERSNICKETY-requiring a particularly precise or careful approach....a super sensitive skincare line made with all natural ingredients of course for the fussiest of skin! The collection will be SOLD SEPARATELY and contains the following:

Step 1: Silky Rose Clay Mask- a silky rose Kaolin clay mask made with vanilla and rose hydrosols, meadow foam and evening primrose oils. 

Step 2: Whipped Rose Scrub-a rose kaolin clay infused Castile based whipped lather with extra fine pumice powder for a super gentle scrub. 


Step 3. 8 oz Light Mist Aloe Rose Toner- a blend of distilled aloe Vera, witch hazel and chamomile for a soothing toner. 

Step 4. 4 oz dropper bottle- an extra light rose petal infused combination of meadowfoam, Argan, and evening primrose oils for a moisturizer without the heaviness.

Even with all this rose it has the scent of white tea and thyme!


Rose Clay Mask: Purified water, rose kaolin clay, chamomile butter, evening primrose oil, optiphen, fragrance

Whipped Rose Scrub: Castile soap, shea butter, rosewater, rose kaolin clay, fine pumice powder, fragrance

Aloe Facial Bar: Castile soap, chamomile butter, aloe vera, rose kaolin clay, fragrance

Rose Toner: Aloe vera, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, fragrance

Oil Moisturizer: Evening primrose oil, meadowfoam oil, argon oil, vitamin E, fragrance

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