Tangles and Beyond, LLC

PURE Scalp Detoxifying Pre-Poo Mud Mask

The favorite of the three, then antidote based, bentonite clay treatment is excellent for cleansing the scalp of dandruff and buildup. Made to be used BEFORE wetting the hair to shampoo, we have added bentonite clay which attracts the buildup allowing for it to be removed with damaging your follicles. Bentonite clay offers a variety of nutrients and vitamins to feed your scalp. We added it to The Antidote for a rich moisturizing treatment as well. Dashed it with a bit of activated charcoal and you get even more cleansing and detoxifying of the scalp. Cleansing and detoxifying the scalp keeps it ready to accept what it needs to maintain healthy and growing roots! Rinse this thoroughly and follow with your favorite Tangles and Beyond Shampoo.

               8 oz

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