Another THANK YOU, what's next for us, & NEW PRODUCTS coming!

Another THANK YOU, what's next for us, & NEW PRODUCTS coming!

Posted by Ashley Bates on

Picture it, 2006....Atlanta, GA.

I had cut a chunk of my permed hair off right in the FRONT of my head. Like a madwoman. Why I chose to cut off the very front was beside me! I was insanely obsessed with my curl pattern and at that moment I want to see them curl WITHOUT the stringy permed hair I had been growing out for 3 months. Crazy and impatient!

I had been seeing a product I knew I wanted to try on my hair when I cut the perm off to see if it would give me Mahogany Curls' hair. That was my YouTube natural hair obsession. The product was Kinky Curly Curling Custard. The only place it could be found was Whole Foods.

So this Mississippi girl, who ain't never been in any fancy type grocery store, printed out a Mapquest to the nearest Whole Foods Market and battled down Ponce to get there. 

Upon walking into the store, I almost had a panic attack from the flowers! It was so many flowers! Not just roses but so many kinds, so many colors. It was breathtaking. I LOVE FLOWERS! I fell immediately in love with the store. 

As I walked around looking in awe at everything, I noticed, this shit in here is HIGH AF! So I immediately felt bougie even being in there. I think Whole Foods started my bougie-ness. I left with an 18.00 (that was considered expensive back then) jar of Kinky Curly Curling Custard and a fruit tart from the bakery. These became my Whole Foods staples. I would go to get my custard when I had the money and a little treat. It was my feel good store. It helped my homesickness. 

Fast forward to 2023 and my little products now sit on the same shelf as Kinky Curly. Talk about a full circle moment. I'm still not over it. THANK Y'all so much for being here with me! I'm so happy to still be a part of you and your families' lives!

We got our second PO from our distributor because they are OUT OF STOCK already! Exciting times! So as I am completing the website drop I will be working on stocking the stores. Remember, if there is a product you want in the stores, let the Whole Body Manager of your store know! 

Some new products are coming. Finally a flower infused scrub and one Im gonna keep secret for a little longer. But y'all gonna love it, I PROMISE!

Thank you for shopping your local Whole Foods Market! The first launch was a success! Let's keep the good vibes going. Please let your families and friends know they got some REAL DEAL in their stores now! I hope to have some funds soon that will allow me to travel to the stores to meet some of you guys! Have a fantastic week and as always, if you have any questions, please email me at!




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