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We know how frustrating it is to fall for the next natural hair product hype just to be disappointed that it does not seem to perform as well ON YOU as your favorite Youtuber. No worries, we got you. Consider us a hidden little gem. Here you will find all natural, simple ingredients that nourish the hair, go a long way without using a lot and leaves space in the cabinet because you only need two! Ready to change your regimen in 2022?


Why our products are different

We have created a unique blend of the simplest, but PUREST ingredients we could find! Our products dose the hair and skin with WATER first then creamy butters and silk aminos next for a moisture experience unable to be found elsewhere.

meet the maker


Hey yall, welcome to my little corner of the skin and haircare world! We hope to delight you and your family with wholesome ingredients and excellent results! I hope to show you that you don't need but TWO products for beautiful, flourishing natural hair. All it takes finding the best two for YOUR kind of hair and consistency! Be sure to stop back by to leave a review on your favorite product!

If you want to drop me a personal message, please email me at If you have a customer service message, please email! We will hit you back as soon as we can!

our fresh Promise

Our mission is to provide PREMIUM hair and body products are made with all natural, minimal, simple ingredients and delivered to you FRESH for maximum nourishment. Get ready to experience a different kind self care. We know you have a plethora of options when it comes to your hair and skin care but we #justwannabeyourfavorite!


Order the body a drink!

Coffee & Creme Collection

Creme Luxe Body Oil

Creme Luxe Body Oil

Coffee Luxe Body Scrub

Coffee Luxe Body Scrub