Milestone Updates, Whole Foods Status, Leaving Social Media & Product Retirement

Milestone Updates, Whole Foods Status, Leaving Social Media & Product Retirement

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Hey yall! 


How are you guys? Thank you for being patient while I give yall something worth reading. Growing is SO slow. But we are and lots of changes are upon me! I'm so glad you are still here with me. I'm excited to see our future unfold. 


LOTS of updates, so sit back and relax for this read. Some good, some not so good, but all a part of the plan, I guess!


MILESTONE UPDATES- So we have seen a consistent increase in sales since the beginning of the year. Like exactly what we want, however in order to keep our bottom line costs down as much as possible and create a margin so we can truly invest in the company, we have to remove several products from the shelves that are not (yet!) in stores. How long they will be gone, I have no idea. It just depends on growth in the stores. 


Another milestone, I have personally and emotionally reached is "letting social media go". Not that I won't ever post but I have just accepted that social media has become something it wasn't when I started 15 years ago. Posts will be made but simply for brand awareness. I've said it before, I mean it this time, its just not me, anymore.


Another MILESTONE, I have finally decided to start a Brand Ambassadorship! I truly want to work with those who have used our products for years, know and trust them and want to show others what works for you! There will be a ton of benefit to the program plus a percentage of sales. If you are interested in being a brand ambassador, the first requirement is that you have purchased from us before and have used us for at least a year and you most of all, you trust us. If you are still interested please email me,


I've decided to embrace Threads as an outlet. By the time it changes into something else, I hope to be retired, period. I'm not worried about engagement over there. It will just be a place I share my thoughts with those who see it. 


So apparently, with this upcoming change, we are doing well in Whole Foods! I don't know if we will be a part of the reset later this year, but this is what I'm working towards! Being a part of the reset will get you another region! And that's what we want!


Products that will be retiring are some of yall's favorites! So I will giving you guys a chance to stock up because, I know it will be at least a year before they are available again and when they do, it will be in a store! So stock up now! These are the ones retiring.

Primp by Julian Beard Care

Drench My Body Lather

Signature Season 3 Parfum

Buff My Body Scrub

Frost My Body Glow

Honey Marmalade

Wildflower Wash (formerly Magic Kingdom)

Frizz Free Spray

Jia's Caribbean Dreamgloss

Jia's Caribbean Dreamcleanse

Jia's Caribbean Dreamdote

SSKIN (its about 12 jars of Lavender Vanilla Oatmeal Cream left!)


We currently have Jia's Caribbean Dream Collection, Butterfly Pea Tea Collection, and Matcha Green Tea Collection in Whole Foods and available on our website. Just the Shampoo and Conditioner. The Loc and Curl Refresher Spray is available on the website. This is the next product I want on their shelves.


The website will also have The Antidote Rhassoul Collection, The Butterfly Hibiscus for Mature Curls Collection and an oldie, PURE will be back permanently for the most intense clarifying. Yes, we want all of these in WFM as well! 


Products retiring will be available til the end of June or until sold out. Some of these are VERY limited.

I have several fragrance oils that I have been hoarding for myself from our past playlists of scents. I will have these listed under the body products' variants. It's time I let this go, too. 😫😫😫😫😫😫 I'm so sad, man. But they are taking up space. And I need the space!


I won't list these out cause they are SUPER limited.  Just check the variants, if you see your favorite, GRAB IT! The event starts tomorrow at 1 pm CST.


Anyway, here's to GROWTH! 🥂 Thank you for being here!



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  • I’m 😭 to see the body products are leaving. I only use T&B. I’m looking at my polish my body glaze right now. I definitely understand getting away from social media. I just don’t want to see all of the negative stuff online. Congratulations on the growth and hopefully we get some T&B hair care products in Michigan.

    Renee on
  • I really hate to see Julian’s beard collection retired. My husband loves it. I love the Dreamgloss. I’m wishing you all the best! I’ll be placing an order.

    Yolanda smith on
  • I’m SUPER sad body care is going into hiatus but I get it. As my hair is in a short tapered cut I don’t need many hair care products either. I am excited to see where this journey will launch Tangles & Beyond! 💝

    Walidah on
  • So sorry to see the body care products going away. That’s pretty much all I buy. I don’t have any hair so a jar of antidote lasts me a whole year:) But I am so excited to hear things are doing well at Whole Foods for you. Definitely grabbing as many body lathers & glow oils as I can. Congratulations & good luck w/everything Ash!

    Mel on

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