Whole Foods Status, Jia’s 12th Birthday, & The Annual Holiday Event!

Whole Foods Status, Jia’s 12th Birthday, & The Annual Holiday Event!

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Hey Flower Blossoms!

I wanted to give you guys an update on where we are in stores! Per our last chat with WFM, we are moving “GREAT” for a very small local brand. We are “hitting expectations.”Of course, I don’t feel that. But I’m trying to. I want to grow slow. I do not want to go too fast. I know growing slow is better for me. But how slow is too slow?

I have a guess at when I will be ready to take on a staff. But as of now, I don’t need it. And truly not making enough to pay anyone yet! But soon.... Anyway! Sorry! Back to the stores, I will tell yall if I ever figure it out. But according to them, we are doing well. This is awesome being that I have ZERO advertising budget. Thank you for shopping the stores! And telling your peoples!


I’m grateful to say, I didn’t waste any downtime. I have 3 months straight of walks every single morning streak... it’s exactly .76 miles from my front door. We have been able to walk it twice which is a little over a mile while Jia has been out of school. The last two mornings have been cool. This morning was cooler than yesterday and we hauled ass around the block. Which got our hearts pumping and made us warm. Then we had our coffee and did a 45 min full body class with Kristina on her on demand. This is week three of doing her classes 4 times a week. She is brutal. But I already feel STRONGER! Like a 5 gallon bucket of liquid soap was suddenly too heavy for me. So I’m happy to be gaining my strength back. Plan to do this slow and intentional this time. Not be obsessed but make it routine. Use no excuses. Do what must be done. Alladat. 

I want to share where I am on my journey, especially since Cirrias passed. Trying to work on yourself physically using the tools is VERY hard. It's uncomfortable. FEELS weird. It's like smooth choreography when I'm working on someone else.  Cirrias said it was hard to work on yourself as well, But she had created methods that worked for her immediately. I working on creating my own. It's even harder when YOU are the energy that everybody gravitate to in the house. You have to choose. Thankfully, my little family understand when I must hiatus to myself. They've gotten better every year. But they don't let me keep a bit to myself. But I love to give it as well. I miss Cirrias' healings everyday. She was the warp zone. Le sigh...

I can’t wait to be the warp zone for others. But until I master myself, I'm just not ready. But I will be. 



It's so crazy how I pictured her at twelve. She is so much taller, braver, funnier, smarter than I was at 12. If I was classmates with who I see my kid to be, I'd be so jealous of her. Sad but true. 

I asked Jia months ago, what did she want to do for her 12th birthday. She at first wanted a skating rink party with a few of her school friends. So I started calculating how I could pull it all off just for her to cancel a week before and say she rather just stay home, and get to draw and play the game she got for her birthday. We ordered whatever she wanted to eat. She did not want to go out and sit in a restaurant. Just pick up pizza and come back home. I ain’t gonna lie. I was extremely happy about this. I’m never around a bunch of kids at once. But I can imagine what that's like to host a bunch of 12 year olds. The recovery would take 3 days for me :(! But if she wanted it, I would have pulled it off just to see her happy. But I was extra excited (only on the inside!) when she said she just wanted to kick it at home. For the past three years, this is what we had to do. Funds, inflation and alladat prevented us from "doing the most" on our birthdays. But for her 12th, I had been mentally saving for. But she surprised me! This allowed me to get her more gifts this year. Because truly she don't ask for much. She just EAT a lot!

 It was a nice, warm, uber small celebration that was just us and I think she enjoyed it. Even though I am truly not a fan of Role Playing Games, I try to find a way to be into the game so I understand what she is getting out of it.

She said it was a great day. She was not expecting the morning balloon surprise. I asked her was it goofy to her, and she said nah! I loved it! I realized I never thought to do this before. I was in hustle mode, and couldn’t see it. Anyway, I hope this was a memorable birthday for her. I hope this is one she can reach back to one day, and be like "My 12th Birthday was everything" 


But not 16 oz.

Why not? Cause they would be so expensiveeeee! Like it’s insane what the cost of goods are. And truth be told, I need to increase. We have been at our pricing for almost 4 years. Taking every hit to our profit but learning to live within our means even on a tiny budget. So please know that every sale, no matter how big or small keeps us afloat. We love and appreciate yall. It MIGHT BE an increase in January. Depends on this market. The world so weird to me. 

Here are the details on the HOLIDAY EVENT!

We will be bringing 10 of our OG past scents back from past seasons! Available in

Frost My Body Glow,

Polish My Body Glaze,

Drench My Body Lather,

Bath Melts (These will be made like the Pink Himalayan Salt ones but in the 10 Scents it will be available. BUT not in the Pink Himalayan Scent! If I am honest, I don't remember what scent it was!

Silk My Body Lotion

Wildflower Wash (aka Magic Kingdom. This changed because it has copyrights!)  


BabyFrenzi (lather, glaze, glow) Its not Babyfrenzi without the flowers!

WILL BE Buy 1 get 1 50% off! The scents will come in a separate email! 

 The Hair Collection will come with a Whipped Clay Shampoo (except Perfect Moisture!) and its corresponding Conditioner. The site will be ready to view October 16th.

Perfect Moisture, 

Jia’s Caribbean Dream 

Butterfly Pea Tea, 

Matcha Green Tea, 


Sea Buckthorn/Dead Sea,




Jasmine Tea Unscented Collection (EXCELLENT FOR BABIES!)



All of these collections will be buy 1 get one FREE!

Some requests I’ve had from you guys is the ON & ON Healing salve, you got it! But she back in the vault after this event! 

THIS EVENT STARTS October 20, 7 pm CST and will end on my birthday, October 23- 7 pm CST. If you don't plan to shop and want to still gift me a bday present the cash app is $tanbeyforever! Listen, I need a new bike. I found one for 1600 bucks. A great refurbished one. Help me bring her HOMEEEEE! lol LBVS! 

Anyway, tell me about your week and tell me if you back on this working out thing.TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE EATING. I am LIVING on cashews (for snacks) and this fruit. I am a picky PICKY fruit person. I hate this about me sometimes. I wish I loved it like Jia does. Tell me what scents you want on the Holiday event or which products you plan on picking up! 

Remember the current lineup of scents will be gone soon! So stock up now if you love these scents! SHOP HERE!


xo- Ashley 

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  • Happy belated birthday Jia! I’m looking forward to the end of the year event. I’m hoping to see these scents: Goddess, Melanin, Chocolate factory, flowerbomb &
    Sheabutter creme.

    Mia on
  • This was beautiful 🥰

    Julian Bates on
  • Happy Birthday Jia!!
    Definitely stocking up on the salve and the SSKIN!!

    Amber on
  • Happy Happy Birthday Jia, what a beautiful young lady in just 12 years. Enjoy your day 🎂🎁❤️

    Rosie Harper on
  • Happy Birthday Jia!🎂🎁 Please bring back the Unscented Antidote.

    Nicholle on
  • Happy all is well! Can’t wait to stock up. Please offer a men’s scent and you know I like the fruity scents :)

    Mona on
  • Happy Birthday Jia!!! She’s not our Little Joa anymore. I’m super excited about the Holiday Event!!! Truly miss the pink Himalayan scent but I’m game for what’s coming. As for me, my hair is so happy to be reunited with JCDC & the JC Curl Refresher is the icing on the cake.

    Natalie Jones on

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